A majority of health fund benefits expire on the 31st of December. Your last chance to use these benefits this year with us will be the 24th December as we close for the Christmas/New Year period and reopen on the 2nd of January.


We accept all health funds and are able to process your health fund claims on the spot to save you a trip to your private health insurer.


If you have private health insurance with any health insurance provider and are entitled to optical benefits this usually means you are able to claim each year a certain amount from your insurer when purchasing prescription glasses (including sunglasses) or contact lenses.


The yearly limit you are entitled to varies between provider and extras package chosen. Most health funds will reset your limit on the 1st of January every year regardless of if you have used your benefits or not. This means if you do not claim an optical benefit by December 31st you will lose your benefit for this year.


So before your optical benefits expire make sure you drop in and speak to one of our staff to find out how you can use your benefits to your benefit!





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