Good vision is essential for a child to reach their full potential. More than 80% of a child’s knowledge is gained through vision so should your child be experiencing difficulties in the class room, talk to us about having an assessment of their visual processing. We recommend that children have their first eye examination - with an Optometrist - prior to starting school and then at a minimum every 3 years after that. 


The function of our eyes is to collect information. In order to do this efficiently we need to be able to see well in the distance and at near. We must be able to change focus efficiently from distance to near and back again. We also must have good eye movements so we can get our eyes pointed at what we are obtaining information from and then be able to track this object. One in three children has problems in one or more of these areas that could impact on their learning.


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We now have very good evidence to show that more than 20% of kids have unrecognized vision problems in school.


Quite simply, they don’t know that they have a problem. Kids deal with poor vision in all sorts of ways.

The only way to know is to have a vision check with a qualified and experienced optometrist.


Some symptoms of visual problems can include symptoms which most parents and teachers wouldn't necessarily attribute to vision. These include poor attention in class, dislike of reading and/or writing, poor school performance as well as more obvious ones likes blurry vision, headaches and sore eyes.


Children may only demonstrate one of these symptoms and can often be mistaken for attitude or learning issues.


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Optometry for kids is an expanded area of optometric practice and optometrists who work in this area undertake additional training and/or study.


It is important to use an Optometrist who is experienced in paediatric Optometry as they generally take a broader approach to helping your child’s vision and consider many individual functions that relate to brain, ocular muscles and nerves, as well as psychology, learning ability and development.


As standard children's vision test we check vision and look for any prescription that may be present as well as assess colour vision and measure the movement and strength of eye muscles. All of which contributes to a child's ability to see and learn.  


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We are often asked how young is too young for an eye examination?


If you are seeing an experienced paediatric Optometrist then the answer is there is no age too young.


Although rare, infants can have serious eye diseases which need to be detected early for the best prognosis. If you have concerns, don't delay, book your child in here


It's important to detect any vision problems early to ensure babies and young children have the opportunity to develop the visual abilities they need to grow and reach their developmental milestones.


Our Optometrists are experienced in Children's Vision assessments and can provide you with piece of mind that your child has the best visual potential possible.