After sales servicing and adjustments



Yarra Junction Optical provides complimentary after sale care of all glasses. We recommend having your glasses serviced every 12 months to ensure that they are functioning at their very best. This might involve new nose pads, screws tightened or a clean.


At any time during the life of your glasses if they start to feel loose, lenses or screws fall out just bring your frames in and we will adjust them for you on the spot and replace any screws or nose pads if needed. This service is completely complimentary so feel free to drop in whenever you feel your glasses may need a "tune up".


Our complimentary after sale service allows our Optical Dispensers to:

  • Adjust frames that are out of shape
  • Tighten frames that slip down your nose
  • Replace old and lost nose pads
  • Tighten screws that have become loose
  • Replace screws that have fallen out
  • Find a replacement temple for a broken frame
  • Order replacement parts under warranty for faulty frames that are under 2 years old (purchased from our practice only)
  • Replace old spectacle cases